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Revolutionizing the fashion industry in London and partnering with Fair Trade and creating environmentally sustainable fashion, People Tree has been creating clothing for over twenty years. Partnering with Fair Trade artisans, they began educating businesses on creating ethical and sustainable clothing.

Moving on to Barcelona, we get a glimpse at the works of Ecoology, an online store of ecological and sustainable fashion for young women. It's motto: "Fashion for real women who want to dress well and wear clothes that do not go out of fashion in the blink of an eye".

Our final stop is in the land down under with Spotted Quoll. The brand knowingly and carefully produces quality, ethical and authentic Fashion and Lifestyle wares. Designs are woven and made in Tasmania, Australia

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Durability and style is one of our focuses on this episode. Beyond Skin in London is a brand that had created a new material called Dynamica. Made by 100% plastic bottles, Dynamica is incredibly durable and is currently being used as car interior fabric by Jaguar and Mercedes Benz.

Parisian brand Andrea Crews, diverts itself from the typical codes of fashion opting instead for a more innovative approach by upcycling to create fun and carefree streetwear.

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Handbags are a must for any fashionista, but what about getting a handbag that is lightweight, durable, and its material is biodegradable? Look no further than Canadian brand Rock Cork. Rock Cork uses the alternative to leather, cork, in order to create a more sustainable bag.

One of our next fashion discoveries is Berlin based brand, CRUBA. Founded in 2008 by designer Mira von der Osten, all CRUBA collections are designed and manufactured in the heart of Berlin and garments are made exclusively of European fabrics and materials.

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London based brand Minna is inspired by designer Minna Hepburns’ love for vintage clothing. With no formal fashion design training, Minna created tops that soon found there way to exclusive boutiques and her clothing is now featured on some of the top fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue.

reWrap is a young Dutch brand committed to conscious design. reWrap was started in 2010. Its minimalist design is also strong, water resistant, and lightweight, combining sustainable design with elegance.

Modesta is an Argentinian brand that designs its products from reused waste materials. To make one handbag, the company salvages between 50 and 100 plastic bags. The brand has set up local plastic recycle bins to encourage donations and promote their business locally.

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Parisian brand Sakina M’sa developed the concept of social fabrics by using and collaborating with nursing homes and neighborhood centers. Sakina presented a concept of using recycled overalls to recreate work uniforms which quickly took off globally and provided a stylish and ethical solution for workwear.

Based in Lugo, Italy, Silent People reclaims vintage items to create beautiful handbags / totes that you can wear in the 21st Century. The brand believes in the idea that design must return to the roots of genuine craftsmanship where every single piece is studied and assembled with care making it unique and one of a kind.

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Australian brand, Rant Clothing, started in the home of Sarah and Jason. Rant Clothing is setting forth a path to get local manufacturing a chance in a globalized manufacturing world. The brand created pieces using upcycling making clothing that is comfortable and sustainable for the environment.

Hailing from four generations of Venezuelan born and bred artists, Miami fashion designer and visual artist Luis Valenzuela couture fashion creations express a love of environment that was after seeing his surrounding environment morph and change.

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Vine Street Market USA is an eco friendly handbag brand based in Los Angeles. It uses repurposed fabrics, organic materials, and environmentally conscious methods to create a bag that makes the user feel proud to own one.

Woodys Barcelona produces 100 % natural wood glasses. The brand works with 5 kinds of sustainable high quality woods : Bamboo, one of the most important botanical families ; Birch from birch trees that are very versatile ; Zebrabood wood tree as a large striped zebra ; Peral deciduous tree whose fruit is pear ; and recycled skateboard material.

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Children and adults can now enjoy great environmentally friendly clothing from Italian brand, Ali Sry. The brand is creating clothing for children and adults out of natural fibers from certified organic cultivation, with the aim to exclude all chemical treatments that cause allergies and pollution environmental.

Sealand Gear, a South African brand in Cape Town, makes bags, accessories and clothing to last a lifetime. The brand has identified durable material from truck tarp, to advertising billboard mesh, they develop a range of products in totally new contexts.

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